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By Lady Athena



Door 7: It’s Megami paradise. You take too long trying to get Mika out of there.


Door 6: It’s a Karaoke bar. Now it takes too much time trying to get Althena out of there.


Door 5: You pass by the feudal era. You knock Inuyasha  out before he notices it.


Door 4: It’s Clamp’s wonderland. Inuyasha has a breakdown and you drag him out.


Door 3: It’s Cephiro. Be careful with the giant Marshmallow.


Door 2: It’s made of cute plushies. You make your way by destroying them.


Door 1: It’s a water slide. Get on your bathing suit and yell “YAY!!!”



Mika: So that’s our door sequence?

Althena: More or less. After all we will have doors for the others.

Inuyasha: Let’s just get over this.


They sat on their chairs (Althena, Inuyasha, and Mika)


(Cue the fic!)


Anyone for Pocky?


>Althena: YAY! Pocky! The perfect snack for Mstings!

>Inuyasha: (sarcastically) Great. As if the fic wasn’t bad enough we have to endure you getting hyper.


by Lady Athena

>A.I.M: O_o


>The guys start getting away from Althena.


>Althena: I did NOT write this!

>Inuyasha: Yeah sure.

>Althena: But I’m a-L-thena. See the L?

>Mika: Maybe you misspelled your name…

>Inuyasha: Or made a lame attempt to disguise your name.


>Althena glares at them making an evil aura glow around her making them as nervous as when she’s at her “time”.


>Mika: Or maybe you didn’t. Calm down please.

>Althena: Sure, but if you two dare to throw this on me again I’ll send you to Carlos.

>I.M: We’ll be good.

"Damnit, Miroku! Give me back that box!"


>Inuyasha: Box of what?

>Mika: Well, here’s a guess: (as Inuyasha) Kagome said to guards those if I wanted to play “stick it in the hole” tonight.


>Althena blushes slightly while Inuyasha raises his eyebrows confused.


Miroku smirked at the irritated Inuyasha.


>Althena: Is Inu-chan developing a rash?

>Inuyasha: I have bad reactions to bad fanfics.


Taking another stick out, he nibbled on it and let out a sigh of satisfaction when finished.


>Althena: It’s amazing what they fit in boxes nowadays.

>Mika: (as salesman) And when you buy the nibbling service the sucking comes free.

>Inuyasha: So that’s where the author gets this crappy fic.

>Mika: I didn’t mean it like that… but I guess it works.


>Inuyasha blushed lightly while Althena shook her head.


Inuyasha growled. Those were his pocky sticks damnit and that stupid monk would not take them from him!


>Althena: But this being a yaoi Miroku was more interested in taking other things from Inuyasha.

>Mika: Didn’t need the reminder.

>Inuyasha: (Chanting) There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.


Eyeing his prey carefully, he made a move to make a grab for the box, but


>Althena: …he ended grabbing another kind of stick.
>I.M: >_<

>Mika: I would have liked that if Inuyasha was a girl.

>Inuyasha: I would stand it if I weren’t there. Period.



it was soon swiftly out of his sight.

He clenched his fists and growled, "Miroku! That's my pocky! Give it back!"

Miroku's smirk grew wider. He could have fun with this. "On one condition, Inuyasha."

"I'll do anything, bouzou, just give me back the damn box!" Inuyasha said through gritted teeth.


>Althena: Hentai rule #24: Never promise you’ll do anything to a pervert, it always leaves you in a compromising position to say the least.

>Mika: Actually that’s rule 35. Rule 24 is that virgin priestesses in tentacle monster hentai end up “tied up” by the evil monsters affections.

>A.I: >_<


"Anything? Hmm...imagine the possibilities..."


>Inuyasha: (as Miroku) I want you to Kaze no Kizu out of this fic. It seems to work with a group called team rocket.

>Mika: Miroku as James… man, that’s a weird crossover.

>Althena: (as Miroku) Well, since I’m so beat up by Sango and fanfic avatars, I decided to start being gay with you since you appear to get so much yaoi butt from Koga and Sessho—

>Inuyasha, who is blushing furiously, in more than one ways, starts chasing Althena with a mallet.


Miroku said, pretending to ponder.

Inuyasha began to show his fangs. "Miroku..."



>Inuyasha stops chasing Althena and they both sat down.


"All right, Inuyasha. Since you said anything, I'll hold you to your word," Miroku replied.


>Althena: (as Inuyasha) That’s not my word you’re holding, Miroku dear.

>Mika: (as Miroku) Sorry, I meant to say your “sword.”


>Inuyasha gets sake out of nowhere and starts to drink.


He then leant forward until his face was touching Inuyasha's.

Inuyasha's eyes grew wide. "Da-damnit, bouzou, what the hell do you think you're doing?"


>Inuyasha: Yeah! Get the hell away from me!

>Mika: Miroku’s not gay, despite all the yaoi jokes made out of this. Isn’t it obvious enough in the series?

>Althena: Maybe the author thinks he’s a closet case.


Miroku looked at him innocently. "Well, you did say anything."

Inuyasha tried to back up. "I didn't mean this kind of anything. I meant something normal!"


>Inuyasha: That’s right. Hell if I really were desperate for that pocky I would have beaten the crap out of Miroku a while ago.


Miroku just leaned forward even further, till once again, their faces were almost touching. "How is this not normal?" he asked, through lidded eyes.


>Inuyasha: For starters we’re not gay.


Inuyasha swallowed hard.


>Althena: We jumped pretty fast to the lemon part.

>Inuyasha: (crimson) ALTHENA!

>Mika: (as Inuyasha) Thank God for Kagome’s little practice sections.

>Inuyasha: (mad) MIKA!!

>Mika: Just be thankful your not here stuck with Althena and Sakura Inuyasha.

>Inuyasha: Good point.


He had no clue as to what to do, but the further he tried to back, the more Miroku followed him.


>Althena was going to say something really yaoi but the guys glared at her.


>Althena: So I guess I should stop the yaoi jokes.

>Inuyasha: You better.

>Mika: Well, could be worst.

>Althena: Yeah. We could be reading your lemon with Shippo.

>Inuyasha: I am not gay, and much less a pedophile!


Suddenly, Inuyasha found his back up against a rock. Miroku looked smug right then and said, "Now, Inu-kun, this won't hurt a bit."


>Inuyasha: Can’t be hurting me more than this.

>Althena: (as Inuyasha) Be gentle with me my love.

>Inuyasha: ALTHENA!

>Althena: Couldn’t resist. It’s the yaoi loving fangirls! They’re affecting my brain.


>Mika simply hums “Like a virgin”.


Inuyasha squeezed his eyes shut, expecting the worse,


>Inuyasha: And so this fic was born.

>Althena: Would you stop bashing the author already?

>Inuyasha: Sure… when you stop the yaoi jokes.

>Althena: Keep this up and I'll get Sakura on you.


but then felt the pleasant feeling of Miroku's lips on his own. Before he could return the kiss, Miroku had backed away with an angelic smile on his face.

Inuyasha pouted sourly.


>The image of Inuyasha pouting sends Mika and Althena laughing while Inuyasha drinks more sake again.


>Mika: You should try the puppy eyes next.

>Althena: (as Miroku) Now that I have him acting like a puppy I’ll make him bark like a real dog.

>Inuyasha: (very drunk) If I knew which of you 6 said that, I would make you pay for that.


"That was a cheap shot, bouzou."

Miroku tossed Inuyasha the box of pocky sticks, which Inuyasha caught instinctively. Inuyasha growled at Miroku when he noticed only one pocky stick left.


>Hearing that snaps Inuyasha out of his drunken state.


>Inuyasha: Are you telling me the author turned me gay for the sake of getting some lousy pocky—

>Althena: Pocky is NOT lousy!

>Inuyasha: And I just got one stick?! ^(*^^(^*(^(*^&*(%^&#$^&$^#$&^%#@*(%^


>The censor explodes into pyrotechnics only matched by Magic Kingdom.


>Mika: Cool! Do it again.

>Althena: There goes another chunk of our paychecks.


"Oh, I'm so sorry. Why don't we share then?"

Inuyasha's lips curled up into a smirk. "Yes, why don't we?"

Miroku grinned at him. Inuyasha's smirk grew larger, one thought only on his mind.

Payback time.

>Inuyasha: That’s right. In the next chapter you’ll have me torturing Miroku in the worst way.

>Mika: Make him read barney hentai fics?

>Althena: EEEEWWWW!!!
>Inuyasha: Actually I was thinking more in the lines of making him sit through out a whole karaoke party starting Althena.

>Althena: HEY!



>A.I.M: YAY!!

>Inuyasha: Let’s get out of here… NOW!!!



After the fic the hapless trio was on the lounge having a few drinks and hanging out.


Althena: That fic wasn’t so bad.

Mika & Inuyasha: WHAT?!

Althena: Well it was nice and cute. Only bad thing was the OOCness on Miroku and Inuyasha, which had to happen if the author ever planned to have them together.


The guys simply stared at her weird while drank more sake.


Inuyasha: Still… the wench who trapped us here said that others would show up. Wonder when that will happen…


Suddenly a whole on the roof opened and Hikari, Carlos, Sakura, and Steve fell from it unconscious on top of them.


Althena & Mika: You just had to call them!

Inuyasha: Me and my big mouth!!




>The End… for now.

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