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  By Steve
Hello and welcome to my own page where I can say what I want to!
... I mean, I'm very glad the Lovely Beautiful Genious Goddess Althena let me help her make this site and even call it  mine too so I just hope she'll at least allow me, since she wrote the rest of the site, to put my thoughts down here
... in case anyone every reads it
First of all, I really wanted to home page to read like this:

In a world conected by a wide web there are those who seek legendary works of Anime fanfiction. Fanfics of epic adventures where honor, justice, truth, and love conquers all. Works that capture your breath and speed your heart. If you expect to find such piece of art here... please bash the back button now!! As is a fanfic like that could be found at any time... -_-;

Now that that is resolved...

Welcome to the adventures of an insane goddess with a talent to hit people with a folding fan and crossdess guys, a pervert with control over machines and an aura of smooth to make his day, and an annoyed hanyou who wishes to Kaze no kizu his companions far...far away. Together they must try to get home while encountering silly problems, bad solutions, and even worst predicaments given by the author herself. (Cue evil laugh here)

Steve: Isn't she just so cute and adorable?
I hope you noticed the last line. She wouldn't let me keep it because she said it ruined the mood! Well I have a mood too! I wanted to call her cute and adorable! What's wrong with that!? O well, I'm sure I won't stop reminding her, like by writting this in the first place for example, come on Althena, aside from you being a creative genious at writting you're cute and adorable, why don't you let me admit it once for you at least!
    Typed up on November 21, 2004     

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