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Click here to download "Where the Sky is High"

Click here to download "An Effective Shot"

Since we have some bandwith and not that many people I've decided to make a download page so I may periodically share some of my favorite things with everyone, whether it be a song, video, etc. Just keep in mind that this is just for sampling purposes only, unless specified otherwise this material should be treated as such.
I do not encourage ownership of copyrighted material that will become illegal to be in your possession over 24 hours without ownership of a legal copy. Expect all material posted here to apply to this unless stated otherwise. All Copyrights are property of their respective owners.
Of course you guys will ignore anything we say and keep the songs.  But we can always assume some of you are decent enough to obey... (Yeah, right)
Darn... I wanted to say that! O well, it's your site.
 - Music -
                     - Halo -

Track 25: Dust and Echoes from the Originle Halo Soundtrack

(Click to Play, Right-Click and select Save Target to Download)
File Uploaded on October 25, 2004
This is the defining track at the end of the game of what I think of as the best first person shooter ever and game of the year in 2002: Halo. It was originally released for the Xbox and released for computer last year. The sequal, Halo 2, will be out November 9th, I personally can't wait. 
The music itself was truely inspired, this track inpeticular really gives you a feel of the game and what it really is. I encourage everyone to download it and share their thoughts on it and the game if you've played it on the board.

Track 16: Rock Anthem for Saving the World from the Originle Halo Soundtrack

(Click to Play, Right-Click and select Save Target to Download)
File Uploaded on November 20, 2004
Well I decided to upload this song as well now mostly thanks to a friend. If you were in a major battle or battle event in the game and you didn't hear the main theme you heard this. One of my favorite songs, enjoy.

Track 14: Covenant Dance from the Originle Halo Soundtrack

(Click to Play, Right-Click and select Save Target to Download)
File Uploaded on November 25, 2004
Happy Thanksgiving all, hope you enjoy this track. If you were to associate Rock Anthem for Saving the World with the Humans then this would be the Covenant version. It's the final track on Assault on the Control room, where you fight the most enemies at one time at the end of the level and I love it, hope you guys do too.
                - Halo 2 -

Track 1: Halo Theme Mix from the Originle Halo 2 Soundtrack

(Click to Play, Right-Click and select Save Target to Download)
Files Uploaded on November 13, 2004
Well now that Halo 2 is out I have a couple new tracks for you guys to help you buy the game. Ghosts of Reach is more or less the Halo 2 variation of Dust and Echos from Halo and I also included the new Halo theme remix for Halo 2, enjoy!
-Ghosts of Reach was taken down for Covenant Dance-
                                    - Team America -

Theme Song from the Movie

First 3 Kinds of People Speech from the Movie

Second 3 Kinds of People Speech from the Movie

(Click to Play, Right-Click and select Save Target to Download)

Files Uploaded on November 14, 2004

Since team America is one of the funniest movies ever I've decided to have some of the funniest moments in the movie up for download to encourage you to see it. Everyone should listen to them and laugh at least half as much as I did!



- Videos -

-Due to space, the RedvsBlue Preview Trailer will be gone until I find that anyone wants to have me upload any RedvsBlue media anymore- 



- Flash Movies -

TSAH - There's Something About Halo

Link Uploaded on November 14, 2004

If it isn't obvious already, I've been recently getting re-addicted (again) to Halo. On November 9th when Halo 2 way released a new Flash movie project came out on, a cool site that has all sorts of flash movies and games made by many different flash artists including my favorite, Legendary Frog. He was part of the flash project "TSAH - There's Something About Halo" which was came out on November 9th on Newgrounds. It's a very funny parody of Halo which I think even people who haven't played it should see. The link to it is above, go there and click "WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!" to view it. I hope everyone gets a chance to see it and enjoy it!


TSAH - Flood/Library Deleted Scenes

Link Uploaded on November 15, 2004
And of course it turns out that some of their good footage had to be cut for the sake of space but they released it seperate then thankfully for us dedicted Halo fans who really appreciate it, dont' worry it's still funny for everyone too.

Halo 2's Out

Link Uploaded on November 15, 2004
Ok, for the 5 of you reading this who have never heard of Halo (ok I'm exagerating, the 2 of you) and have no idea how popular it is then have I got a flash movie for you! It's a nice little parody about what everyone did on November 9th, Halo 2 Day. It's totally realistic, I mean it's the equivilent of what I did, and will of course make you laugh especially gamers most likely, enjoy.

Links Uploaded November 18, 2004
One of the flash series' on made by Metal Maverick is one that I really like, Gamer Elite. It's a must see if your a gamer like me. The main character is a guy who gets to travel all over the gaming universe in a nutshell and I know thats all I'd need to tell you then. It's very well done, click and enjoy!
  - Flash Sites -
Link Uploaded on November 20, 2004
My favorite flash artist of all time, Joseph Blanchette aka Legendary Frog. He makes some hilarious stuff, great parodies on movies like The Lord of The Rings, The Matrix and on games like Zelda, Resident Evil, Metal Gear, etc. Along with some of his own originle work. I recommend that EVERYONE go check out his site!
Link Uploaded on November 20, 2004
This is the site of the flash creater Bryan Waterman, aka Waterman. He makes an all originle flash cartoon comedy series so to speak as far as I know, it's very funny, everyone should check it out.
Link Uploaded on November 20, 2004
Metal Maverick is more like a group of flash movie creaters. They create parodies and originle works such as Gamer Elite, I recommend them too of course especially because of Gamer Elite.

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