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I want to thank the site Inuyasha Sue of the day for this fic. I forgot to say it before, but anyway, this fic doesn’t belong to me and neither do Inuyasha and any Godly thing about Althena. This is only meant to entertain. You can find this fic on

The AI.M trio was at the living room playing video games. Now it was Hikari against Carlos playing Anime Battle Arena. Carlos was using a magical girl against Hikari’s giant Mecha.


Althena: Hello everyone and welcome to AIM AU Theater! We arrived here just yesterday and we read a fic that was…
Inuyasha & Mika: AWFUL!!!


Althena sweatdropped at the scream the boys just gave.


Althena: You just say that because it was a yaoi.

Inuyasha: No shit Sherlock. How would you feel if you got stuck on a yuri with Sakura?

Althena: >_<
Mika: (with eyes closed) Wait a second... you know that would be good to watch.
Althena: Pervert!

Sakura: I don’t know. Althena’s cute but she has a flat chest so I’d rather do somebody like Urd or Shuree.

Althena: Hey!!


At this point Althena was glaring dangerously at the two perverts


Inuyasha: How on earth did you guys ended up here anyway?

Carlos: We were all looking for you and this priest in a diner knew where you go. So we followed your tracks to spirit forest—

Althena: Amazon forest.

Sakura: No, spirit forest. You guys were lost right?

Mika: We followed Althena.

Hikari: Potato, potahto. With Althena’s sense of direction might as well ask Ryoga or Haru to take you.


Hikari said as she delivered the final attack to the magical kill by sitting on her.


Carlos: Aaaww!! Magic star lost.

Sakura: Anyway the spirits got mad and trapped us until this girl came and brought us here along side with the “priest” that was working for her.


-And better get used to it!


The conversation and the game were cut short as An-sama appeared on the screen.


An-sama: Time for the next fic!

A.I.M: Damn!

An-sama: Watch your language. Anyway, this is a Mary Sue fic with Inuyasha’s sister. Enjoy! ^_^




Door 7: It’s Megami paradise. You take too long trying to get Mika out of there.


Door 6: It’s a Karaoke bar. Now it takes too much trying to get Althena out of there.


Door 5: You pass by the feudal era. You knock Inuyasha before he notices it.


Door 4: It’s Clamp’s wonderland. Inuyasha has a breakdown and you drag him out.


Door 3: It’s Cephiro. Be careful with the giant Marshmallow.


Door 2: It’s made of cute plushies. You make your way by destroying them.


Door 1: It’s a water slide. Get on your bathing suit and yell “YAY!!!”


They sat down in the A.I.M order and ready to tear the fic apart with sake.



The Wild Hanyou- Inuyasha’s Sister


>Althena: (completely sarcastic) Great, is one of those! We’re so lucky.

>Inuyasha: There is no God.

>Mika: Think this is a lemon?

>A.I.: Shut up!


Author: Babygirl2091

Ch1: the arrival and truth

“She’s gettin closer I can feel it!” thought Inuyasha as he looked up at the sky.


>Inuyasha: I can smell the Mary Sue a mile away.

>Althena: (as Inuyasha) The Mary Sues are falling! The Mary Sues are falling!


“What is he lookin’ at?” asked Kagome to Miroku and Sango who was lookin at Inuyasha,


>Althena: He’s waiting for the author to drop the Mary Sue from the skies.

>Inuyasha: Better start placing sharp objects in the landing spot.
>Mika: I have some objects that could really spice her landing.

>A.I: No need to know.

“Hello, earth to Inuyasha, you mangy dog.” Said Miroku


>Althena: So Miroku's been hanging out with Koga?

>Mika: But doesn't Koga call Inuyasha "butt-face"?

>Inuyasha: Its "mutt-face," you idiot! Can't you think anything that isn't hentai related?

>Mika: (happily) Nope.

>Althena: You realize, dear Mika, you were then referring to Inuyasha's cute butt then.


>Mika turns a little green and slides down the chair.


>Inuyasha: About time he shut up!


cautiously, trying to avoid not getting hit or yelled at...or worse.


>Althena: What could he do worst?

>Inuyasha: Make him hear you sing.

>Althena: HEY!


He didn’t react. “Inuyasha? Is something wrong?” asked Kagome.

Inu. “... No it’s just that...” Kag. “just that what?” Inu. “my sister is coming!”

Group “your sister!?”


>Inuyasha: I don’t have a sister.

>Althena: Actually I have to confess something. (Very soap opera drama) I am your sister.

>Mika: She was only kidding.

>Inuyasha: Still… the idea itself was too horrible.

>Althena: Am I worst than Mary Sue?

>Inuyasha: That’s like asking "who's older, Myoga or Totosai?"

>Althena: Jeez!


 Kag. “I thought your mother only had two children?”


>Inuyasha: No, only one. Me!

>Althena: Maybe Dic made its own version of Inuyasha.
>Inuyasha: (horrified) Don’t say stuff like that!

>Mika: Watched Dic. Bashed Dic. Don’t be a Dic.

>Althena: (giggles) Classic.


Inu. “she did, she had Sora, she died when I was 3 and Sora was 2.”


>Althena: And pray tell where was she?

>Inuyasha: Running away from the mob that tried to kill her.

>Mika: I can see that.

“Inuyasha is that you? A soft voice came from behind them.


>Inuyasha: No, that’s my clone. Can somebody get me away from here?


As everyone turned around, they saw a young Hanyou about 16 years old


>Althena: A half-breed, why it doesn’t surprise me.

>Inuyasha: Apparently if it isn’t a hanyou it isn’t enough of a Mary Sue.

>Mika: Pity she isn’t a cat demon. All those pussy jokes lost.

>A.I: >_<


(with a body of like Kagome like, but a bit curvier),


>Mika: Nice picture, but can I get a naked picture now?

>Althena: And so the ego trip starts. Why can’t they ever have flat chest or something less than perfect?

>Inuyasha: Feeling bitter, aren’t we?

>ALthena: Shut up.


she had long sliver hair with brown streaks, light brown eyes that sparkled in the sun, she wore a light blue skirt and a light blue fire rat coat


>Althena: Oh God, no! The Mary Sue loves blue too. Blue is not for impure souls like her. That’s what pink is for!

>Inuyasha: And where she got a fire rat coat. This is one of a kind and I’m not sharing.

>Mika: And since when are fires blue?! Red yeah, orange and yellow yeah too, but they aren’t blue.

>Althena: Well, they can be blue...but not normally. Besides fire is represented by the color red. Blue represents the element of water.


(the same thing Inuyasha wears) she looked almost like a human but had the presence of a wolf demon for some reason.


>Althena: Wait a minute! If she’s Inu-chan’s sis why does she has the presence of a wolf?

>Inuyasha: I hate wolves along with cats, Naraku, and my brother. I guess being a wolf will work quite well with the fact I hate her.

“you must be Sora. My name is Kagome, pleased to meet you.” “Pleased to meet you too.” Sora. “can’t you say hi to your older brother”


said Inuyasha with his arms extended out to hug his sis.


>Inuyasha: More like to choke you.


 “of coarse I can,


>Inuyasha: Coarse?
>Althena: Well that explains her a lot.

>Mika: Vulgar, just the way I like ‘em in bed.


(hugging her bro.) how are you?”


>Inuyasha: Very OOC.


>Mika and Althena nodded.


 she asked. Before Inu. could answer Miroku so rudely interrupted their reunion.


>Mika: (Miroku) It’s been 5 minutes so it's my cue to grope you.
>Althena: That was the fanfiction Miroku or you Mika? It’s really hard to tell.

“O yeah let me introduce you to the rest of gang this is Sango” Sango “hi” Inu. “Shippo” Shippo. “wow I never met a nicer version of Inuyasha before... oowww”


>Althena: Hey! Inu-chan is nice… when he wants to be.

>Inuyasha: Gee thanks.

>Mika: And apparently he’s not in the mood right now.


Inuyasha knocked Shippo across the head. “don’t be so mean to him Inuyasha” said Sora

Inu. “yeah, whatever. O yeah this Kirara, she’s Sango’s pet.” “hi. Aren’t you the lil’ cutie.” Sora. Just then Kiala transformed into her bigger form.


>Althena: Kirara senses her evil. That’s why she’s so cool.

>Inuyasha: With any luck she’ll chase her off the fic.


 “o... I’m sorry, I meant to say, aren’t you the cutie.”

Inu: “(sigh) and this is Miroku” Miro: “pleased to meet such a beautiful young girl.”


>Mika: No groping?

>Inuyasha: No Miroku hate fest?

>Althena: Well that’s pretty decent. Wonder how much this will last.


 “um Inuyasha, I hate to break up this moment, but Kouga is coming, and fast.” Kagome.


>Mika and Althena read highly amused while Inuyasha braced himself.


>Althena: (As Inuyasha) Gee Kagome, if you’re going to cheat on me can you at least spare me the details?

>Mika: (As Inuyasha) I knew that wimpy wolf couldn’t compare to true dog stamina.

>Althena: (as Koga) It's not my fault. I do really badly in doggy position.

>Mika: (as Kagome) Too bad then. For next orgy Sesshomaru will take your spot.

>Althena: (as Sesshomaru) That's right! I'm horny enough for the girls, but girly-looking enough for guys. 

>Mika: So Sesshomaru's Bi-Sesh-ual?

>Inuyasha: (bashing his head against everything) Must…. Get… Mental…Images… OUT!!!

>Althena: Man, we’ll get so flamed.

“Damn, he always comes at the wrong time”


>Althena: (Laughing very hard) Oh God. They just keep on coming.


>Mika opens his mouth to say something but Inuyasha glares at him.


>Mika: I think I’ll spare this one.


Inuyasha drawing out his sword.


>Mika: Is called his man-stick.

>Inuyasha: MIKA!!!
>Mika: Hey! I never said I would leave the other ones alone.

>Althena: Looks like it will be a Koga/Kagome/Inuyasha fic after all...

>Inuyasha: You too, Althena?


“I’ll help, just like old times.” Said Sora drawing out her sword. “Wow what’s the name of your sword? Asked Sango as she looked at it. “it’s name is Shikon


>Althena” Oh… My…GOD!! Isn’t enough that authors use Shikon to name their High Schools?!

>Inuyasha: Apparently no.


it was made by my father, it is made by the same power and elements of the Shikon jewel, and it can only work in my hands” Sora


>Althena: (sarcastic) Isn’t she special.

“Inuyasha, I’ve come to... claim... this... beautiful... wolf hanyou standing in front of me”


>Mika: So much for Pg-13 rating.

>Althena: Who the hell is talking and about who?! There is no wolf half-breed here.


trying to change what he was goin’ to saw and not embarrass in front of this beauty.

“a wolf that’s where your wrong Kouga. She a half breed just like Inuyasha” said Shippo trying to defend for Sora.


>Althena: Well heck, he did called her half-breed.

>Inuyasha: I swear that I’m going to kill the author if she makes Koga my brother in law.

“no Shippo, he’s right. I am a wolf, but only a half, that’s why I have the doggy ears, but not the tail.” Said Sora


>Althena: WHAT THE…?!

>Inuyasha: My thoughts exactly! How can she be my sister if she’s part wolf?

>Mika: Apparently your mom had a little too much fun with the demons.

>Inuyasha: (growling dangerously) My mother isn’t that kind of woman!

>Mika: Hey, take it with the author!

>Althena: Actually what I couldn't understand is why she has dog features if she's half wolf?

>Inuyasha: Mary-sue screw up?


“See you lil’ shrimp I can tell if there’s a wolf demon around, and I was right. So my love... why don’t you tell me your name.” Kouga said in his sexiest voice kissing the top of her hand, looking at her with his brown eyes.


>Althena: *cough* Man-whore *cough*

>Inuyasha: Great! This just sucks more and more by the minute.

>Mika: Wonder if the author is tired of all this sucking...

>A.I: MIKA!!!


“my name is Sora, Inuyasha’s younger sister.” “so I’ve heard.”

“look I hate to break up this lil’ love feast, but we gotta go.” Inuyasha said impatiently


>Inuyasha: If I had a sister, and she wasn’t Mary Sue, I would be breaking all of Koga’s bones by now.

“bye, my love. I will wait for you until the next time we meet.” Kouga said, then ran off into the sun set.


>Althena: Was that annoying or corny?

>I.M: Both.

“With that said and done, why don’t we take you to the hot springs, you know for a girls night, while the boys stay here and get the fire goin’” suggested Kagome. “Sure why not” Sango and Sora said happily.

>Mika: YAHOO!! Hot springs aka “Get it on” place! And are just the girls. Why don’t you join them Althena?

>A. I: SHUT UP!!! >_<


“Hey what about us?” said Miroku holding Sango around her waist.


>Mika: The waist? Man Miroku has a really bad aim in this fic.


(o yeah I forgot to mention that Sango is 9 months pregnant, with Miroku’s son on the way, and Kagome is 6 months with a son and a daughter)


>Inuyasha: (crimson) What the hell?!

>Althena: I’m surprised at you Inuyasha.

>Mika: I’m so proud. You placed Kikyo’s guilt aside enough to knock Kagome out.

>Inuyasha: >_< THAT’S NOT ME!!

>Althena: Sure… next you’ll start saying that isn’t your baby. (Hitting Inuyasha in the nose) Bad, bad Inuyasha!

>Inuyasha: Bite me.


“Let them go and enjoy themselves, in the mean time I’ll wait for you to come back Kagome.” Said Inuyasha, kissing her.

“Aww, how sweet all of you guys are lovers. Don’t worry I wont be in the way much”


>Inuyasha: Is she finally leaving then?

>Althena: Nope, but we can dream.


said Sora laughing and running towards the hot springs. ( they’re pregnant but they don’t look it so they can still do anything)


>Althena: They don’t look it?! Dammit Sango should be starting labor by now.

>Mika: Apparently the author knows the same as Inuyasha when it comes to women.

>Inuyasha: Hey!!

“Hey” yelled Sango and Kagome running after her.


>Althena: The end!

>Inuyasha: Hallelujah! Praise the lord! Let’s get the hell out of here!


And we go back to the living room. This time it was the A.I.M group with Carlos.


Carlos: Hey guys! How was it?

A.I.M: What do you think?


The trio responded not very impressed at Carlos who was sitting in the sofa drinking iced tea.


Inuyasha: It was a pain in the ass.

Althena: It was too clichéd.

Mika: It was perfect for a drink.

Out of nowhere Mika manages to pull a keg of sake and starts to chug.


Carlos: Well there’s still another chapter.

A.I: You’re kidding.

Carlos: No. I read it and it was kind of nice. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Althena pulled out her fan and Inuyasha Tetsaiga.

Althena: Let’s smite him!

Inuyasha: You don’t have to tell me twice.


And so we fade with the happy image of Carlos being chased by the hanyou and the goddess.










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