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But hey, what can you expect? This is a magical girl show

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From your standard show

With bright and pretty animation

Comes the girl with the heart of pure gold and a chest to match


Her life has a determined destiny

Which she follows with an empty head.

Full with fantasy and silly pink daydreams

You might as well start the painkillers now


Dream about being some a princess (or something like that)

Which everyone knows if she truly rules anything like that the result will be

Ka Boom! Ka boom! Ka-boom!


(But hey what else can you expect? This is a magical girl show)


Her path is long and hard.

After all we need the soap opera element.

If the love of her life isn’t suffering amnesia it’s surely getting kidnapped.


If you tune last episode she’s crying because she’s lonely and has no friends.

If you tune next episode she’s crying because she found people who are basically deaf at this point.

And let’s not forget her wailing because she’s got boyfriend problems now.


But she fights on with a hidden power.

Which for our annoyance includes a pretty pink stick, short skirts, and high heels.

After all girls can’t save the day using a silbuster or mechas! >_<


(But what did you expect? This is a magical girl show.)


And of course the girl doesn’t charge anything

So at least let’s thank that her presence ends up being cheap.

Let’s just hope she doesn’t screw up too much and leave the rest to clean up


But we also have to check out her boyfriend

Her dear magical boy!

Which ends up just in time to save her butt!


(But what else can you expect? This is a magical girl show)


Even if she’s a heroine she still leads a normal Britney Spears life.
If she isn’t making out with her boyfriend she’s shopping with the girls.


No matter how many lame bad guys comes

Every direction at the end show leads to her happiness.            

But it isn’t because she ends up being the most powerful person in the universe,

But because she ends up marrying her guy.


(But what else did you expect? This is a magical girl show.)











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