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This story, “heat of the moment,” belongs to Inuki moon. I just want to poke some fun at the story.


(Cue a the satellite living room as all the lights flicked over and over again)


Althena: Welcome everyone to AIM AU Theater! As you can see we’re having unknown electrical problems. How’s everything going Inuyasha?


Asked Althena to the hanyou through the laptop Hikari, the double pony-tailed brunette, had on her lap. While Althena and Hikari waited drinking piña coladas Inuyasha and Carlos went to fix the electrical problem.


Inuyasha: Well we finally reached the place after Carlos got us lost.

Carlos: How was I supposed to know that the map I picked was of Disney?

Inuyasha: Did the fact that there’s no mountain here could have served as a clue?

Carlos: Dunno. I did found Space Mountain.

Inuyasha: That was I blasting you out of the satellite with a kaze no kizu.

Carlos: ^_^ Oh, yeah.

Hikari: ^_^;;; We’ll leave you two alone.


Hikari turned off the communication screen before watching more of their bickering.


Althena: Still, what could have caused this failure?

Hikari: Still checking that Althena-sama.


And as of cue two thunders came out of nowhere and zapped the two girls.


Althena: (cough) I swear if An-sama let a pikachu in I’m going to kill her.

Hikari: You can do that?

Althena: Nope, but I can always kill the pikachu.


Sakura walked towards them while reading a magazine while Mika walked across the room with Lum on his back.


Althena: LUM?! What’s going on?

Sakura: Well, you know that Mika and I tend to go a little over the line with some risqué comments and somewhat perverted actions.

Hikari: A LITTLE…?

Sakura: We were suggested some kind of therapy. So Carlos came up with shock therapy done by Lum. Now Lum will electrocute him every time he thinks something perverted.

Althena: Sakura… the guy is walking around with a hot, tiger bikini wearing, alien. If he wasn’t thinking perverted enough he sure is now.


Sakura sighed as she went back to her playgirl magazine.




A scream broke the silence as a fried Inuyasha and Carlos walked into the room.


Althena: Found Mika?

Inuyasha: (cleaning his face) Whoever gave Lum to that pervert is a moron.

Carlos: Well, what other anime character would have been better to give him shock therapy?

Inuyasha: The thunder brothers?

Althena: Electric pokemon?

Hikari: Ixion?

Sakura: (glaring at him spitefully) Anything that doesn’t have breasts and walks around in a bikini.

Carlos: Details, details.



(Cue alarm)


An-sama: (voice over) I would love for you guys to keep bickering, but you guys got a lemon to MST.

Sakura: Should I get Mika?

An-sama: Nah, you’ll do fine Sakura-chan. Good luck Inuyasha… you’ll need it.

Inuyasha: I don’t like how that sounds.


Althena grins as she and Sakura drag him to the theater by the ears. As soon as they reached their sits the sat down and waited for the fic to start.


Door 7: It’s made with bishies in bathing suits. You try to get Sakura out before she gets bishie overload.


Door 6: It’s a Karaoke bar. Now it takes too much trying to get Althena out of there.


Door 5: You pass by the feudal era. You knock Inuyasha before he notices it.


Door 4: It’s Clamp’s wonderland. Inuyasha has a breakdown and you drag him out.


Door 3: It’s Cephiro. Be careful with the giant Marshmallow.


Door 2: It’s made of cute plushies. You make your way by destroying them.


Door 1: It’s a water slide. Get on your bathing suit and yell “YAY!!!”


 Summary: Dogs go into heat.


>Sakura: So we’re up with the lemon clichés.

>Althena: (sigh) Seems like it.

So what about dog demons?


>Inuyasha: What about us?

Rated R for yaoi and language.


>Sakura: YAY!! YAOI!

>Inuyasha: Oh God!

>Althena: I gotta say, it is nice to see somebody else that Kagome as victim of your heat.

A/N: If you don't like yaoi, you shouldn't be here.


>Inuyasha: Don’t I know it! Sadly, I’m forced to be here.


And sorry if I got facts wrong (for all I know, Inuyasha doesn't go into heat- or, worse, he does and I'm not being at least semi-original.


>Althena: I say it’s a mixture of both.


Deal with it), because it does happen, believe it or not.


>Althena: Ripley’s?




>Sakura: Yep. How about Naraku or Sesshoumaru?

>Inuyasha: Point taken.

Inuyasha was simply napping in a tree when it all started. He woke up to feel slightly achy, burning up....and totally in need of a good fuck.


>Sakura: Yeah. Been there.

>Althena: Inuyasha, you perv!

>Inuyasha: That’s not me!

"What the hell...." He started. He started to straighten up from his lazy position on the branch, when a rubbing ache caused him to look downwards at himself....

>Sakura: …finding out that the dog got a big bone looking for a hole to be dug in.

>Althena just turned very red while Inuyasha stared at her puzzled.

"Oh hell no."

What was he going to do? He was mostly alone.....Kagome had gone back to her home to take some test or other for school, Sango had taken Shippou on a sight-seeing tour,


>Althena: INUYASHA!! Would you actually consider Sango for this?!

>Inuyasha: Of course not! Sango’s my friend and, if I ever got enough OOC to actually do it, Miroku would probably suck me into Kazaana.



 or the only person left was Miroku.


>Sakura: Oh, he’s going to be sucking something all right.

>Inuyasha: Hurting stop when?!

Once again: "Hell no."


>Althena: That’s right. Inu-chan’s straight. He would rather take things into his own hands before having any other guy assist him.

>Inuyasha: Thanks… I think.

Eventually, his burning need convinced him- besides, the sooner he got it out of his system, the sooner the heat would be over. Plus, if he didn't mate soon, then the heat would start to pretty much dominate him, until he would be desperate enough to commit some serious mistakes.

Leaping down from the tree, he winced at the pain it caused, but he continued on a search for Miroku.

He stopped. 'How the hell am I supposed to bring this up?'


>Sakura: How about getting some baby oil and ask Miroku to get hot and naked.
>Inuyasha: (very red) SAKURA!! I swear you’re worst than Mika!

>Althena: (as Inuyasha) Miroku, can I bear your child?

>Inuyasha: You’re not helping either Althena.


He thought. 'What am I going to do, walk up and take my clothes off?'


>Sakura: No. You check that you have the baby oil, check that you have your sexy underwear on, AND THEN you walk to him and take your clothes off in a stripping fashion. (Groan) Virgins.

>Inuyasha: Bite me.

>Althena: (as crazy fangirl in a bishie strip joint) Take it off! Take it all off!!

>Inuyasha: >_<

He sat down to do some serious thinking.


>And Althena and Sakura have a serious laughing fit.


Finally, disregarding several other ideas, he decided to try and simply seduce the perverted monk


>Althena: Inuyasha? Seduce? Man, this will be priceless considering his idea of romance is ramen.

>Inuyasha: Can we just forget this and go?

>Althena: No.

>Sakura: (as Inuyasha) Want to skip the broth and go for my noodles, Miroku-chan? *Wink, wink, nudge, nudge*


-not that he really knew what he was doing.


>A.S.I: Understatement of the year.

'Why me?' Inuyasha groaned to himself.


>Inuyasha: The question of my life.

Up ahead, he saw Miroku, the monk sitting, watching the clouds roll past.


>Althena: How kawaii! Look, there’s a cloud shaped like a cat.

>Sakura: (as Mika) Good. This fic was needing some pussy.
>Inuyasha: Sakura!

>Sakura: What? We're talking about cats.


Walking up behind him, Inuyasha sat down, practically straddling him from behind, trying to touch him in a subtle way.


>Inuyasha: So humping him from the back is my way of being subtle? What would be blunt then?

>Sakura: Mud wrestling naked?

>Inuyasha: (groan) I just had to ask.



Actually, he was hoping Miroku would feel his burning skin and take the matter out of his hands.


>Althena: I admit Miroku can be a handful person, but I don’t think he would be interested in that kind of job.

The monk jumped at the dog demon's touch.


>Althena: (as Miroku) That better be a gun Inuyasha.

>Inuyasha: (as himself) Well, it does shoot something.


>Both girls stare at him surprised.


>Inuyasha: What? If I’m going to get humiliated in such a horrible way, at least I should get some good lines.


Turning his head, Miroku flushed when he saw Inuyasha was the one touching him.


>Sakura: Are you playing “Good touch, bad touch?”
>Inuyasha: Bad touch Inuyasha!! Stop!

Inuyasha blushed too, but the position was only partly the reason. The heat had accelerated just a little bit, but enough to let him know he had better hurry up before it consumed him.

Miroku scooted out of the inu's touch, but turned and put a hand on his shoulder. "Inuyasha, are you all right?"
he asked tentatively.


>Althena: Miroku sure is as sharp as a wet noodle. He’s about to get it doggy style from a guy and he still remain calm.



>Inuyasha: Can we fast forward then?
>A.S: NOPE!! ^_^

Inuyasha, by now, REALLY needed sex. Like now.


>Althena: Like now M’kay.


But he was still slightly in control.....until Miroku felt his forehead, feeling for heat.


>Sakura: Oh, he’ll feel it… like a fire that will ride and spread his passion.

>Inuyasha: Sakura!

>Althena: I guess Inu-chan got jungle fever then?
'Oh boy, sure, just not a fever.' Inuyasha thought, and had to stifle laughter. But when Miroku brushed his hand over the dog's forehead, a line of worry creasing the monk's open face.

'To hell with the plan.' Inuyasha thought.


>Inuyasha: That’s right! Forget screwing Miroku.

>Althena: I think this fanfic is going to hell by itself.


And pushed Miroku onto the grass.

For Miroku, he was in a state of mental and physical estsacy, combined with confusion. What the hell was Inuyasha doing?

But when the dog's hand brushed over his own groin, thoughts, coherent or otherwise, fled his mind.


>Althena: (as thoughts) Let’s run away while we can.

>Inuyasha: Take me with you!

Inuyasha brushed Miroku's hair off his forehead, but not because he wanted to be gentle and kind. The hair was in his way.

Pulling off the monk's robes, he tugged his own clothes off and violently rolled Miroku over, forcing him up a little, until he was on all fours.


>Sakura: (as S&M Inuyasha) Now bark like a dog and call me the queer.

>Inuyasha: (beet red) SAKURA!!!


That was fine with Inuyasha- he was a dog demon after all.

Inuyasha's mind, clouded by the heat and excited by what was going on, didn't worry about making it easy and pleasant for Miroku. He quickly took him, entering with a dry burn.



>Sakura: (wincing) Ouch! That got to hurt.


 Miroku tried to squirm out from under him, which made things even better for Inuyasha. He quickly came,


>Sakura: *cough* prematureejaculator *cough*

>Inuyasha: I’m not impressed… at all.

>Althena: On the plus side that means a shorter lemon.

>Inuyasha: Good point.


but once wouldn't be enough.


Finally, Inuyasha was done. He panted hard, and rolled off


>Althena: (as dog trainer) Roll over; play dead; sit Inuyasha. Good boy Inuyasha.

>Sakura: Oh he’ll get sat all right.

>Inuyasha: I wouldn’t mind a sit right now.



>Inuyasha: The fanfic?


-and out of-

>Sakura: The closet?
>Althena: Aaww. You beat me to it.



Miroku wasn't very happy about the situation.


>Althena: You think?

>Sakura: And now we enter the drama of the fanfic.

>Inuyasha: I didn’t raped Miroku and I feel bad for it.

>Althena: Well, technically, it is an avatar of you.


First Inuyasha randomly assaulted and fucked him, and now, hecause HE was done, he was going to leave the monk unfinished.



>Althena: (as Miroku) I’ll simply pay no attention to the 45 minutes of betrayal where Inuyasha simply rammed his dick up my butt, but I’ll feel insulted because I didn’t rode his donkey.

>Sakura: Pretty much.

>Inuyasha: That’s it! Where’s the sake?

So Inuyasha had a taste of what he did to Miroku.


>Inuyasha: Please let it be ramen.

>Sakura: (as Inuyasha) Tastes like chicken.

>Althena: What tastes like chicken?

>Sakura: If you can’t guess I won’t tell you.


Miroku's face burned.


>Inuyasha: (as Miroku) The fic! It burns!! THE HORROR!!!


He couldn't believe what he had just done. Inuyasha was a guy, dammit!


>Inuyasha: YEAH!!  It’s wrong I tell you.

>Althena: Who are you, Reverend hanyou?

>Sakura: Besides, the fact that is wrong is what makes it good.

>Inuyasha: >_<

But, looking over at the dog demon, collapsed and still naked, and the blush faded, and Miroku felt a part of himself stirring.

He looked down. "Oh, hell no."


>Inuyasha: NOOOO!!! Over when?!

A/N: Well, that's it! Sorry if I didn't do very good.... but I hope you like it anyhow. You prolly won't. But I must take that chance!


>Althena: (blinks twice) Apparently now.

>Sakura: Talk about rip-off.

>Inuyasha; Screw this; I’m just happy this is over. Let’s go back with the others.


At night in the satellite, even if they can tell since its always night, Inuyasha was drinking sake while the rest, minus Mika, stared at him sweatdropping.


Hikari: Sugoi! You can drink each keg of Sake with one breath.

Althena: I swear at this you’ll become alcoholic.

Inuyasha: Do I look like I care?

Sakura: Where’s Mika anyway?

Carlos: Well the shock therapy didn’t work—

Everyone: Obviously.

Carlos: So we went now for pain therapy.


(Cue Mika running across, with a huge grin on his face, while the Misu sisters chased him in S&M form)

Sakura: Wait for me! I want in the action too!!


Sakura yelled as she grabbed her whip and went behind them.


Inuyasha: (twitching) Pain stop when?!

Althena: (VERY sarcastic) Oh sure, gorgeous busty women in skimpy outfits will surely make him stop being perverted.


The 3 sane characters sighed as Carlos simply shrugged.










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